Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ten Great Guerrilla Marketing Ideas Worth Imitating


To promote Shark Week, Discovery Channel dresses its entire Maryland headquarters as a shark.
In terms of creating buzz, this piece of marketing is huge. The set-up costs are probably pretty huge as well.
However, you don’t need a great-white-sized budget to do this sort of marketing. In fact, you can do it for under $100. You just need to apply the principles of Guerilla Marketing, defined as: an unconventional way of performing marketing activities on a tight budget.
Here are some great examples that might inspire you.
Get visual
More Shark Week! This smaller campaign has some real bite. It’s captivating visually, all but ensuring that passersby stop and take a look. For your guerrilla campaign, take a page out of Discovery’s book and make your campaign visually compelling.
Go where your customers are
Reaching busy corporate execs who work long hours is tricky. Ultimat Vodka went directly to where they work – or directly outside, in fact – and had a dialogue. You might not have the budget to replicate a stunt like this but the idea of going to customers in their environment can cost you very little.
Create a novel business ‘card’
Dayna Steele has her guitar pick. Peter Shankman has his poker chip. Both items serve as business cards for these two entrepreneurs. They’re also inexpensive talking points for generating word of mouth.
Do something unexpected
Being unexpected is a key element of guerrilla marketing. Whether your campaign surprises through visuals (Shark Week) or through location (clam shells), the idea is for people to be so surprised they tell their friends about it.
Differentiate your business
What makes Mini Cooper different is its size. Depositing a Mini Cooper box in the same trash pile as TV boxes and garbage bags is a great way of demonstrating it. What makes you different, and how can you show it? If you can do it for the cost of a cardboard box, you’ve struck guerrilla gold.
Use the great outdoors
There’s no better way to do low-cost guerrilla marketing then to use street scenery that’s already there, right outside your office. Think like this Ballet company and customize the surroundings in a way that’s relevant to your business.
Go mobile (and we’re not talking about cell phones)
Think you have no budget to advertise your business? Think again. If you have a car, you have a platform. It’s as easy as thinking of a graphic, getting a sticker made, and pasting it on your car. Have fun with it.
Make your packaging an ad
Your customers can be your biggest adverts when you give them the tools. Create a bag that draws attention to customers as they walk the street. Or make unique packaging that entices customers to tell their friends about it or tweet about it. If you’re a retailer who uses bags, get creative and make them work harder for you.
Let people be your adverts
This pink Post-It Man is sure to create buzz for your business. The beauty of this campaign is that people can peel off a post-it for themselves. That’s messaging that can travel fast! And if you can afford a bunch of post-its (and we suspect you can), you can do this campaign – you can be the talent!
Think small
With guerrilla marketing ideas, you don’t have to do something big and elaborate to catch people’s attention. These ‘vampire bites’ draw people in for a closer look and help Twilight promote their upcoming film.

The Plastic nose !



cycle .. wanna buy one ?

Advertising in the paper is passe. Just put 140 cycles on the wall to let people know about your cycle store!

Baggy Waggy


ASPE Crime Stories Bag
This bag was given when you bought a book by Belgium’s most famous crime-writer.

Shumensko Beer Crate

Volkswagen Golf GTI Bag

Meralco: Unplug to Save

 Greenpeace – Give Me Your Hand


 Children with Autism



 Red Cross – Volunteers Needed


 Gaia: Animals Torture

 YKM Shopping Bag: Jump Rope





 Blush Lingerie: X-Ray Bag

 Floating Magic-i Bag

The brief: The agency was given the task to design a shopping bag for Magic-i, a magic shop. The idea: the handles of the shopping bag are made of transparent fishing line, which makes it look like it is being held without handles as if by magic.

 AlinnaAlinna Shopping Bag


Book Bag

Headhunting Agency Shopping Bag

head hunting


 Samsung TV Bag

Samsung TV




The Gangnam style

The Gangnam fever ! Unconventional Branding 'Yes it goes viral' !!

Well if you haven't heard Oppum Gagnam Style PSY , you're definitely missing out on some dance moves of the season.
Psy, the Korean singer is the flavour of the month across the globe! The singing sensation has made it to the top all through Viral Marketing with his peculiarly creative dance moves. Certainly a rage! Try the moves out for yourself !


PSY with McDonalds oh my!!


Psy viral on a Starbuck's coffee cup 'Gangnam' style!